Become a Healthy Hot Goddess. Let me show you how. 

What’s a Healthy Hot Goddess? A Healthy Hot Goddess

loves herself, shares her voice,

creates abundantly and enjoys her life.

She’s HEALTHY because she lives in balance with her own nature and natural cycles.

She’s HOT because she’s unleashed her beautiful gifts to the world.

She’s a GODDESS because she radiates her true power and love for herself and life.

She glows with  her own unique fire.

Its this that makes a Healthy Hot Goddess irresistible.

Becoming a Healthy Hot Goddess is initiation into your highest self;

the one the world has been waiting for.

Through choosing health and growth, overcoming challenges and manifesting your dreams you birth your highest goddess self. You confidently own the co-creation of your powerful life.

Healthy Hot Goddess style is unmistakable;

you glow with beautiful abundance, natural health and creative power.


Why Healthy Hot Goddess? I was guided to this community co-creation. And I listened to my intuition.TrustYourIntuitionGoddess

I listened and this is what I heard:

Well, I’m a quirky, thoughtful, short, bi-racial Indian and British immigrant, unconventional teacher, lover of practicing ancient wisdom who grew up feeling like anything but a goddess here in LA.

Yep, that was really hard at best and often devastating at worst. So I figured, let’s change that. For myself and others.

The last 15 years I’ve done lots of practices to claim my self, re-claim my roots and history, embrace the healing power of my ancestry, my own power and confidence, and to affirm myself as beautiful inside and out.

I’ve trained to standingsusannaharness my gifts and use the power of nature for wellness and good. And I’ve been invited and called to share the fruits of my practice with others.

And – this was the kicker my intuition told me- if I can do it- anyone can do it. And anyone NEEDS to do it.

That’s what Healthy Hot Goddess is about.  Co-Creating a culture of powerful women.

Sharing the tools and practices. My role in this is to walk the talk. Keep practicing, keep sharing, keep connecting. Create the experiential platform for all of us.

And so far, trusting my intuition has paid off big time. This path has been and continues to be pretty amazing.

So, that’s me and where intuitions led me lately.

Now, check in with that gut. . . get the feeling you know/want more?


If you are called, I’m sharing some deep practices for cultivating intuition that have to be experienced in person.

We will clear our minds of stress and develop our intuitions even deeper this Wed night at 7:30 at the Armory. An in person jump-start to radical wellness and intuitive power.

Sign up here

or just show up this Wed. at 7:30pm at the Armory for the Arts for the intuitive fun.

We’ll probably know you are coming anyway. :)

Also, another inspired offering this summer the Goddess yoga collective is restarting our donation-based yoga classes under the stars. With various amazing teachers. Ahhh. What a great way to connect, tune in, recharge. And so much fun. More info here

Sending love, gut-womb-trust, and widened perception to you,


Ayurvedic Health Coach


P.S. Use the image above a visual affirmation – a life-mantra  - I created as a reminder that you are intuitive, you are a goddess and you have everything you need to trust yourself.  Enjoy!


Awaken and share your unique gifts. Embrace and heighten your true inner power and knowledge as we co-create a culture of powerful women.

 Live Like the Goddess You Want to Be; Uplift Yourself and the World

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5/13 Healthy Hot Tuesday Wellness Tips that Just Might Change Your Life

Dear friend,

Remember when I was stressed and sick all the time? I had about 6-8 colds a year. No fun. I’m so glad that I’ve learned how to not have that happen so much!

I now know wellness is a choice. Imbalance is a choice also.

This isn’t to say that we cause major illnesses in ourselves. Just that each day we each have things that bring us out of balance. We each have the choice in every moment to do things that bring us back.

Knowing this is powerful. Using this knowledge can change our lives.

I’m sharing an info graphic all about this for Healthy Hot Tuesday.

And I’m going to be sharing a whole lot more on up-leveling our wellness in the weeks to come since Healthy Hot Goddess is hosting 6 weeks to Goddess-Level Wellness.

I am seriously humbled, excited and thrilled to participate, share and learn from the amazing line-up of experts. Each teacher is a powerhouse of wisdom, grace and insight in her own right. And to have them all together- WOW!

You can reserve your spot here.  And don’t worry if you can’t make a night or two- if you sign up for the 6-week package you get an amazing deal. And you can get the audio recordings of any night you miss!

ImbalanceToBalanceSome clues as to how to tune into your own Healthy Goddess Wellness.

1. Identify when we are out of balance.

2. Use tools to undo those blocks.

3. Balance ourselves.

4. Do small right actions.

5. Practice and embody goddess glow.

6. Share and teach your gifts.

Join me and women’s wellness experts to go deep into tools to amplify and expand your own Goddess Wellness!

Sending you laughter, light and love!


P.S. This week I’m off to Quail Springs, to camp for a week at a permaculture farm with 23 5th/6th graders as well as little baby Kailash. It’s going to be a chance for us to connect to mama nature, animals and the earth as well as a great adventure. If you have any questions about the series, please contact X in my absence! Otherwise, I’ll get back to you this weekend. Be well!

 April 29th LoveStyle Share!

Are You Missing 4 Simple Steps to Goddess-Level Health and Wellness?

I’ve often had the feeling that western medicine doesn’t quite fit the issues I’m are dealing with.  Not to mention going beyond challenges of painful periods, fatigue or anxiety to wellness and wholeness.

Don’t get me wrong, like many of us when acutely sick or hurt, I’m heading to the hospital. Like when I broke my femur and it got fixed so well that I walk, run and dance without a trace of a 6 piece thigh-bone fracture. Whew. But when it comes to wellness, we both know there’s something more.

ganeshThat’s why I began to study Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and wellness, 8 years ago in 2006. Instead of putting up with the minor complaints like fatigue, stress and anxiety so many of us feel I was determined to find out what we can do to take control of our own lives. I didn’t know that health and wellness would become the ground for self-realization.

Here’s some simple steps to Goddess Wellness and a Graphic Healthy Hot Goddess LifeMantra for you – a reminder to tune in, listen and take small step towards your goddess wellness today.

Inline image 1

Simple Steps to Goddess Wellness You Can Do Now:

  1. Get into a quiet, private space.
  2. Tune into your inner goddess. Listen.
  3. Ask her: What can I do right now to be in balance with my own inner nature?
  4. Remember, whatever she tells you- taking 1 small action in the direction of wellness goes a long way!

Being a Healthy Goddess is about making many small actions in the direction of health, wholeness, and joy.

As we continue this journey to Goddess level health and wellness I’d really love to know- what are the blocks you are experiencing? What are the steps you are taking to your own goddess wellness?

You know, the biggest key to Goddess Wellness is tuning into our own inner nature. Listening. Trusting. And taking a few small right actions in the direction of health and balance. In this system of Goddess Wellness we are each completely unique as well as totally connected to everyone and everything in existence. 

Enjoy your steps this Healthy Hot Tuesday!


P.S.  I’m excited for us to take charge of our Goddess Level Wellness. So I’m creating a Goddess Health and Wellness Workshop this Summer with some amazing women’s health experts.

You can find out more about up-leveling your wellness here.

I’m deeply honored to be on this journey to wellness and bliss with you!

4/22 Recharge With My Story of Ganesh Traveling “Around the World”

Listen to this chanting of the Ganesh Mantra 108 times while reading Ganesh’s story to heighten your experience!
Dear friends,

 Last week, I was feeling pulled between creative expression and the need for rest. I had to check in with myself. What’s driving my actions?
My motivation for doing this, for creating Healthy Hot Goddess is to have fun, be creative, solve problems, share tools for human uplift. To invite myself and others to flow into greater and greater alignment with our true divine nature while being part of the cosmic shift towards greater vibrations of love on the planet. 
Its been an incredible journey so far.  I am so grateful to be on it together.
To be sharing these tools that are our tools to learn, practice, teach, master, refine, share.

This week the tool I’m implementing right now is scaling back, slowing down, taking rest.
I was reminded of this tool by reconnecting with a story from Indian mythology.
Reconnecting with the story of Ganesh and his brother Karthik who race around the world, I was reminded the path may not look the way I expect and to always get still and listen for the flow of grace.

So what’s recharging look like for me right now?  Diving deep into self-study. Recharging the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful battery pack. 

Recharge looks like clearing the schedule so I have time to lay on the deck and read, journaling about my fears, ideas and growth. Delving deep into study, practice, meditation and curriculum creation on Ayurveda, Tantra and Women’s Wellness.  Recharge looks like doing my work with 5th/6th grade students well and really listening to the person they are becoming as they talk to me. Like planting Roma tomatoes, climbing cucumbers, yellow melons and pink-red peppers in the front garden. Reading my son a Mary Oliver poem before breakfast. Twice. Then really looking in his eyes. Seeing him. Then laughing, of course.

And I know recharging looks different for everyone. I don’t think we can do it wrong. And I don’t think there is ever a day where it doesn’t work out.What does recharge look like for you right now?

I always look at amazing stories of gods and goddesses as a way to connect with their energies in myself. I remembered the story of Ganesha, took it in, practiced it, chanted the Ganapati mantra in meditation. There are many versions of stories in Hindu myths, as many versions as storytellers. Like life! I wrote my version below.To further enhance the experience of the story and take its wisdom in deep you can listen to the Ganesh mantra. (Enjoy this recording by Sainath after muting the ad for 15 seconds) It is a simple mantra to the power of presence, listening, flow and grace.OM GUM GANAPATI NAMAHA


* * *
Ganesh’s Journey Around the World

Shiva and Parvati were living with their two sons on Mt. Kailash. One of their sons is Ganesh, of elephant head fame. The other, Karthik, was a handsome, debonair young man. Despite each sons unusual looks, both enjoyed the usual sibling rivalry, jesting and playing through long days in the forest.One day, Parvati found a perfect, beautiful, succulent mango hanging upon a tree. She pulled it down, realizing it was no ordinary mango. It had magic powers and could only be consumed by one person; it was never to be shared.She showed it gleefully to her partner Shiva and at that moment Karthik and Ganesh stumbled in, roughhousing. Parvati got a gleam in her eye.
“Sons, do you see this delicious mango?” She inquired, innocently.
“I have a contest for you and whoever is the winner gets this delectable mango.” She continued, “You must circle the universe three times and whoever returns first is the winner.”Immediately, the boys’ interest was piqued. Karthik puffed up. He glanced over at his vehicle, which today would be the equivalent of a sleek red Ferrari or some such car, but then was a beautiful, irridescent peacock.
He was thinking to himself, “My vehicle is much faster than Ganesh’s little mouse.”
This was no insult. Ganesh’s vehicle was a little mouse, sitting patiently by the door.As soon as Parvati said “Go” Karthik leapt aboard his peacock and took off around the world.
He was off like a flash, his peacock leaving rainbow trails behind him.
Ganesh on the other hand, just sat, head cocked, ears alert. It was as if he was listening to something.Shiva and Parvati looked at one another nervously. They wanted their sons to at least have a fair contest.
Ganesh still didn’t move. Using their incredible sight they could tell that Karthik had already rounded the universe twice and was about half way through his third and final round.Ganesh still sat, receptive, listening for the flow of grace. Slowly he got up.
He asked his parents to stand together.
He bowed to them. He began to walk in a slow, mindful, perfect circle around his parents.
He did this three times and returned to his place before them. He bowed again.Just a few moments later Karthik returned, out of breath, his peacock looking bedraggled. Though tired, Karthik had a triumphant look on his face, sure he had won.
“You didn’t even move,” Karthik began to jeer.
Ganesha replied, “No, but I have gone around my parents. My parents represent the entire manifested universe!”Parvati and Shiva laughed. Karthik knew his brother had beat him fair and square. He smiled. Parvati handed Ganesh the mango. And in some versions of this story, it ends with Ganesh then smiling back and offering the mango to Karthik.* * *
There are many ways to interpret this story. Take the one that speaks to you.
My personal revelation is that I might be rushing off around the world when it is right here in front of me. Or even inside me. Or you. In all this amazing growth and uplift This week I don’t need to be like Karthik, rushing around the world. Sometimes that’s great. But right now, I just need to get Ganesha still. Listen to the calm, quiet voice inside that is speaking truth, flow and grace.Enjoy, recharge and flow this happy Healthy Hot Tuesday.

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“Healthy Hot Goddess will cause major positive transformation in your life.” –Xochitl Ashe


4/15 Happy Healthy Hot-Pink Moon Tuesday!

Todays Healthy Hot Tuesday LoveStyle tip is all about relationship.
Pick one relationship. It could be anything. Habit energy, emotional healing, a child, your calling, mother nature, fear, a lover, good friend, your health, the divine.
 For example, you could say,  “Today, I take my relationship with money as my teacher”
Focus your energy of collaboration on that relationship.


What are you learning here? See the gifts in that relationship – their beauty, light, abundance. Appreciate them. Be aware of your growing edges together. Collaborate. Reflect. Appreciate. Give. Allow them to shine and lift you up too.

Relationship as teacher is true collaboration.
Using a pic I took hanging out the open door of a train rushing through India’s heartland during sunset I created a poem-image for you to inspire collaboration!

Enjoy this Healthy Hot Tuesday all about collaboration and relationship.

Today, we are tasked with bringing our highest selves in all our relationships and creations. Our relationships right now are our greatest teachers. Shazam. Poof.

There we go!

 I would love to hear your insights as you collaborate!
 Let me know one insight you gained by approaching a relationship as a collaboration here.
Also, this month of loving inquiry I’ve been honored to have some amazing conversations on love, self-love and relationship.  If you’d like to share I’m still listening!
P.S. You probably know about me or can tell that I am all about collaboration in many areas of life! Why? It makes life just that much more fun! Try it and let me know how it goes!

For 4/ 8 This Healthy Hot Tuesday’s Love Share I created

an infographic with the 1 tool that majorly changed the game in love and relationship for me:


Wondering. . . Are you a Healthy Hot Goddess?

Find out here!

  A Healthy Hot Goddess loves herself, shares her voice, creates abundantly and lives her perfect life. She’s healthy because she lives in balance with her own essential nature and natural cycles. She’s hot because she’s unleashed her beautiful, unique gifts to the world. She’s a goddess because she is blissfully happy and radiates  love for herself and life, glowing with  her own unique fire. Its this that makes a Healthy Hot Goddess irresistible.

Being a Healthy Hot Goddess is about your initiation into your highest self; the one the world has been waiting for. Through trusting the universe and yourself through rites of passage such as relationship, pregnancy, birth, overcoming challenges or manifesting your dreams and creative projects you birth your highest self. Transformed, a Healthy Hot Goddess confidently owns the co-creation of her blissfully happy, fun and powerful life. Healthy Hot Goddess style is unmistakable; you glow with beautiful abundance, natural health and creative power.

See some areas you are growing into?

Want to ignite more and more of your hot goddess self?

So, what we are saying here is as a Healthy Hot Goddess it is possible to have it all-

to be smart, sexy, grounded, in love, fulfilled and blissfully happy.

 Content to feed your inner and outer goddess.

Ready to unleash her?  Let’s go!

We’ll show you how!


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